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Green Magic Tree House Wayanad

The Green Magic Treehouse Resort is located in the rain forest in Vythiri at Wayanad district in Kerala well known for coffee, tea, pepper and cardamom plantations in the middle of 500 privately owned acres. .

As the name Green Magic Tree House suggests this resort is truly a way to experience the magic of greenery as all the rooms are at top of trees, approximately 90 feet above ground, over a space . Although the treehouses may seem natural when you view from the bottom on first look, the rooms and interiors are pretty comfortable and beautiful and you can actually climb to the tree house through a unique cane lift, which will load people and use the counter weight of water that will get you to your room in no time with out climbing to the top of the trees. There is also a hanging bridge that can be used to reach another treehouse located on top.

The aim of Green Magic Tree House Wayanad resort is to have a minimum impact on the environment, achieving a perfect harmony with the natural surroundings and there are four double rooms that can house 8 guests which are interconnected by hanging bridges. All the materials used in its construction and furnishing are eco-friendly using ancient indigenous techniques, with the help of Padiya tribals and local craftsmen. As the tree houses that are situated on the top aren’t for everyone, the resort also has rooms, cottages and villas for those who does not want to opt for a tree house. The rooms and tree houses feature all essentials like shower, european toilet and comfortable bedding and pillows .Room interiors also have kerosene lamps that create a romantic ambience.


This resort takes responsible tourism seriously and has followed the eco tourism principles for construction and plastic is strictly forbidden or usage and construction. All the services for guest and maintenance of the facilities is completely with the renewable energy, producing no pollution or acoustic impact. The cosmetics and other paraphernalia inside the resort for guests include soap made of red sandalwood, d turmeric for the face, rice charcoal-toothpaste, weak bark for the body paste and no artifical make up or cosmetics are permitted inside.


The water is obtained from a small lake nearby via high-density pipes powered by a turbine.The resort does not serve meat or canned drinks and only fresh fruit juices prepared right in front of guests from organic farm inside the resort are served.The mineral rich spring water is filtered by reverse osmosis and ultra fine ceramic filters is served for drinking inside rooms for guests.The rooms and treehouses does not have television sets and piped in music or even daily news papers. Electricity is stored in batteries for limited use .


The food is organic vegetarian, based on the best delicacies of traditional Kerala cuisine.Food is prepared from fruits and vegetables grown in the organic farm without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. And if you imitate the sound of the cuckoo bird, a delicious cup of tea will be brought up to your room!The fragrance of spices or herbs from the kitchen energizes the gastric juices. The traditional and genuine Kerala special meals are ususally provided on bananas leaves without forks spoons and yo have to eat with fingers.