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Thekkady, Kerala


Vanya means a good bond with nature, and a sense of attachment to return to the root of its nature. The wildlife and natural habitats that flourish all around give an epic feeling—the natural ways of maintaining life through natural herbal products. The fresh air to enjoy and the calm environment to get a smooth feel give a better experience.

The place is so beautiful and attractive with natural greenery and herbs all around with landscapes. We have evolved over the years at a fast rate, but the quality of life by health is not much better as compared to the earlier one. Advancement led to the development of many fatal diseases. The ancient habits and lifestyle were so flexible and unique that everyone gets a healthy life.

The modern world is full of chemicals either in our food products or making various products, coming to an herbal touch with less or no side effect gives you a better feeling. The Vinaya Treehouse is heavily touched by herbal and organic, which offers an outstanding experience. The location of the place is quite attractive and convenient too.

Vanya Tree House, strategically located in Thekkady, is an excellent base for exploring this vibrant area. The hotel is 6 km from the center of the city and has access to vital city services. The hotel, with its convenient location, provides easy access to the must-see destinations of the area.

To invigorate passengers, Vanya Tree House provides impeccable service and all of the necessary amenities. A selection of top-class services can be enjoyed at the hotel, such as room service with 24-hour security, regular housekeeping, parking, and room service.

The hotel has beautifully decorated guest rooms, all of which have a terrace/balcony. Besides, the host of leisure deals from the hotel means that you have plenty to do during your stay. Vanya Tree House Makes your home away from home while looking for cozy and spacious lodging in Thekkady.

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  • Free WiFi
What we Love
  • Vanya is a very different treehouse experience from the running of the Kerala treehouse mill that one experiences. Vanya is a way of life, rather than just a treehouse. It is a reminder of the ways and methods by which we are nourished and self-sufficient by Mother Nature.


  • Through Vanya treehouse, we tried to recreate the life and lifestyle of people living in such a treehouse in Kerala. Through such an experience, we hope that real lovers of nature like you can feel a stronger bond and a sense of belonging to this universe in which we exist.
  • We have gone to great lengths in Vanya to ensure that you witness a genuinely indigenous way of life. Each feature of Vanya's treehouse experience is intended to cultivate a deeper understanding and reverence for the earth and its surroundings. Vanya practically embodies a "Journey back to Nature."


  • Around 4 kilometers from the Green Woods Resort, Vanya Tree House is located. A steep 30-minute hike will also be required to reach the top of the treehouse. You can use a four-wheel-drive vehicle (Jeep) to climb 'Vanya' or get on the road for the entire distance and then walk the rest of the length (800 meters).


  • The jeep ride from the Green Woods Resort will take you to MannanKudi, a traditional mud hut built by the indigenous Mannan Tribes. The one-km-long trek to the Tree House starts from here. A simple survival pack containing a pair of leech gloves, a compass, a rope, and a pair of binoculars will be handed over to the guests before the trek. This one-meter long trek abounds with quaint flora and fauna gives you a wild experience like never before.


  • The little balcony with chairs provides you with a magnificent view of the breathtaking valley from a distance. After dusk, the drawbridge used to reach the Tree House is retracted to ensure the visitors' safety. Living next to the Tree House, the resident butler and valet provide food and drinks and do laundry.
What to Know
  • The long working life should rest at a proper interval of time to function well and thoroughly. Going for a trip or picnic outside gives you a soothing experience which could be availed widely. It is excellent for filling your time in deep conversation with nature and staying away from the crowded world for a limited time. This place gives you a meditation list to refresh the mind and body and trekking to see the night sky. 


  • The hotels and resorts are booked through various methods to book the resort with an agent or go online booking through a website or app. The beauty of this site and the incredible natural explosion can be enjoyed wholeheartedly. The constant atmosphere throughout the year makes fit for the wildlife habitats and for the tourist too. 


  • The epic feeling of love and affection with this place, apart from its beauty and comfort, gives a better experience. There are various discounts available on a specific season or period where you could book your ticket at a genuine price with many benefits. The season of shade is going on, making a great flow of the masses to various picnic places worldwide.


  • Feel the herbal, natural touch -The herbal health with profitable products with no side effects aids quality to your life, as the body has not to suffer from the unwanted chemical load. The Vanya Treehouse is designed very finely based on their customers' convince, attracting them with their modern, sophisticated design and infrastructure. Booking the place is a good option for spending holidays with having a great experience of nature ever. 


  • The wonderful experience you could have visiting this place is memorable. The great chance to interact with nature with a long trip gives a fantastic feeling towards the environment. Our nature's wealth is preserved wisely at these places, and you get to see proper cleanness. Spending time with family members helps to build a strong bond, which is essential.


  • There are various means of transport to get to Vanya Treehouse Thekkady to either go through the train or bus or have a direct flight to nearby airports. The climate is best suited and remains constant throughout the year. The diverse wildlife we could see here is of great importance. The natural landscapes, the beautiful sceneries created by nature, is extraordinary. 


Amenities and facilities provided by Vanya Treehouse Thekkady


  • Car park
  • Hotel facilities
  • Free WiFi in lobby
  • Bungalows
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Adjacent to Periyar Forest
  • Unique Forest Ambience Property
  • Luggage Rack
  • Pets allowed
  • Newspaper
  • Mini-Bar
  • Concierge
  • Meeting Room

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