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Tranquil Resort Wayanad Treehouse

Tranquil Plantation resort is a incredibly relaxing and unique tree house hideaway in the middle of a magnificent 400 hectares of plantation with cardamom, java, vanilla etc. The tree house is apart of a plantation bungalow which has extensive verandas with eye-catching furniture and plants, and the two tree houses that have to be the […]


Hiliya Resort Wayanad Treehouse Escape

Hiliya Resort is situated at Kenichira in Wayanad one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Kerala . The accommodation options include deluxe rooms , family bungalows, cottages or tree house depending on the availability and budget of the customer. Hiliya Hotel Resort provides a unique experience of staying in a seventy five years […]


Marmalade Springs Wayanad Treehouse

Marmalade Springs is a boutique resort situated near the 2nd highest peak of Wayanad – Chembara Peak. Marmalade Springs Wayanad Treehouse is in a 100 acre coffee plantation with cottages built fully in natural timber blending perfectly with nature.The resort has its own cave called the Dorai Cave, natural ponds and a stream flowing between […]

marmalede house treehouse

Vythiri Resort Package

Vythiri Resort Treehouse was selected by Condé Nast Traveller as one of the best treehouses in India for a special and unique romantic holiday. Vythiri Resort offers the option of residing in a Treehouse found at a top of 65ft, surrounded by dense forest on the other at tea estate & one end. Vythiri is […]