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Treehouse at Rainforest Resort Athirapally Falls

Treehouse Overlooking Waterfalls in Rain Forest Resort Athirappilly Falls

Perfect blue skies shine over abundant natural woods, caressed by fresh bubbling streams and waters, rotating its way through the wild terrain while dewy mornings dampen the warm days bathed in great wind and overflowing with normal beauty and golden rays of sun that increase the show on what is perhaps the many beautiful piece of the earth, unmarked and formerly untouched, steeped in remarkable splendor this really is Athirappilly Falls that is located to the fringe of the magnificent wilderness of the Sholayar Array.

Rainforest Resort Athirapally Falls can be a never before experience and the resort has a smartly designed| non air-conditioned tree-house having a spectacular view of the waterfall which posseses an attached bathroom, queen-size bed, safe deposit locker and minibar.

Entrance to Rainforest Resort Athirapilly

Rainforest Resort is a boutique resort located at the foot of the Athirappally falls. Located around the fringe of the Sholayar Range’s lavish wilderness, Rainforest Resort is a never before experience of memorable holidays with cottages, treehouse overlooking room bedrooms and waterfalls. The whiteness of the fountain set’s desirable picture amidst the dense vegetation and garden of the marketplace provides a graphic pleasure from treehouse and bedrooms in rainforest.

Room Interiors of Rainforest Resort Athirappilly

Athirappally is just a regal 80ft high waterfall that has been frequnently recorded in films like Dil Se and Ravan which virtually takes your breath away. Starting calmly from the high-ranges, and piling through gorges overhung with trees, this waterfall is one of many best locations in India to re-capture a real feeling of the traditional concept of the “Picturesque” not only calm and nice, but anything crazy and organic.

You may also choose some of the activities which are daily done in the resort

  • Bird watching- 6 AM to 8 AM – Organised in Nov to May
  • Trek to the Waterfall- 10 AM to 1 PM – Organised throughout the year
  • Trekking with Safari- 4 PM to 8 PM- Organised from Nov to May
  • Plantation Visit- 08:30 AM to 10 AM – Organised throughout the year
  • Fishing- 10 AM to 12 PM – Organised throughout the year
  • Tribal Village Visit- 2 PM to 4 PM – Organised throughout the year
  • Camp overnight in the forest- 3 PM to 10 AM – Organised from Nov to May
  • Tribal Cultural Events- 6 PM to 8 PM- Organised throughout the year
  • Tribal Village Visit+ Trekking with Safari (Bamboo rafting)- Organised Nov to May
  • Tribal Food – Organised throughout the year

The pleasing view of the silvery whiteness of the fountain set amidst garden and the heavy foliage of the marketplace provides a graphic pleasure from areas and treehouse in jungle.  If you want to accomplish just to relax, this is the greatest place using a big porch with a fabulous view of the waterfall out of every space.

View of Dining Area of Rain Forest Resort from Lawns

Athirappally falls provides a relaxing escape for all those wanting to keep the hurried pace of city-life behind and is the best position if you want to accomplish nothing but to relax and revel in some sluggish “just do nothing time”.  The helpful villages around and also the living that is rich make points more vivid for a tourist.Vazhachal waterfalls takes you to beautiful elegance with nature’s own landscaping. With even organic plantation maintained from the forest section and the numerous flora, Vazhachal is actually a Botanist’s treasure chest.
Treehouse  at Rainforest Resort Athirapally Falls is among the smartest choice for those seeking a Kerala Treehouse Honeymoon, authors, yoga teams needs peace that is total but high in living too. The rooms were beautifully inserted to look at the falls of Athirappally and the bigger classification bedrooms that are fairly ample having a jacuzzi at the same time. You are given a fuller view of the falls by areas about the east-side of the resort and huge balcony of the waterfall from every place with a fantastic view.


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