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Vythiri Resort Tree House -Video and Photos


Vythiri is among the most famous treehouses in India and there are four tree houses in this resort in Wayanad, including one treehouse which is actually totally child-friendly. Staying in the Luxury Tree House is a truly magnificent and unique experience with all the luxuries in a great at 70ft above the ground with treetops being seen so near from the balcony in treehouse. The luxury tree house also has a private Jacuzzi as well.

Vythiri Resort Tree House Video

If you are wondering whether to visit the treehouse in Vythiri or not, the video below can provide a clue on what to expect on a treehouse holiday in Vythiri.

Vythiri resort is a winner of the International Quality Crown Award and the video captures the essence of the stay at Vythiri resort and the close experience that one can have with nature. This is a resort where every sight invokes an insight on nature and where time never files away.

Vythiri resort tree house is symbolised by rustic design, unique architecture , traditional charm but modern comforts . The common sights in the resort include malabar squirrel, crested goshawk, malabar gliding frog that is endemic to western ghats , cicada that makes sound upto 120 decibels which may not make you sleep at night in Vythiri Resort Tree house , tiger trees that is favoured by the tigers to clean their claws and to top it all the treehouses which are a delight to nature lovers and privacy seekers .

Vythiri Resort Tree House Photos

Vythiri Tree House Interiors


Happy Bridge inside the Vythiri Resort


Vythiri resort also houses rare varieties of ferns which have been found in old coal beds as well. One of the striking things about this resort in wayanad that is well known for its tree house in the amount of effort that has been put to protect and preserve nature in its true form.

Vythiri resort also has a desi cuisine restuarant serving traditional culinary delights like erussery, Mezhukkupuratty, Kalan which is usually served in a banana leaf of you so insist. If you are staying in the resort at Vythiri you can also engage in daily yoga and meditation sessions that will cleanse your soul and body. Vythiri resort also has a traditional Kerala Ayurvedic spa where you can surrender to the healing touch and rejuvenate and rediscover yourself.